Excellent Plans And Playhouse Ideas

Playhouse ideas range from uncomplicated to very fancy and which playhouse blueprints you decide on will depend on multiple factors. Several years ago my wife sent away for a set of playhouse plans with the notion that I would build it for our daughter. When I opened the envelope Yikes! They were so complicated and expensive looking that I put them aside and took the family to Disneyland instead. Now my daughter is getting married and I often regret not building that playhouse, but here’s what I’ve figured out.

1) Give thought to what you would like to build. My wife purchased those plans with excellent intentions but without consulting me. They seemed way beyond my skill level and I never even started. So think – do you desire a straightforward shed like structure with windows? Or are you thinking more along the lines of a Victorian mansion. Are you seeking innovative playhouse ideas like a pirate ship or Tarzan’s tree house? Pay attention to your children. What sort of playhouse plans would they enjoy?

2) Will you construct from scratch or perhaps a work with a kit? There is a broad range of playhouse kits from low cost plastic toys to quite sturdy wooden set ups. One point I’ve learned about kits is very good ones might be very expensive and practically as challenging to construct as creating from scratch. You can find playhouse plans available that make the process extremely simple. A good set of plans give you material lists and easy step-by-step instructions. One of the difficulties with the the playhouse plans my wife bought was that they amounted to nothing more than an exploded view with hardly any instructions whatsoever. Great plans make the whole job a breeze.

3) Choose your playhouse plans carefully. That’s the most significant lesson that I learned. There are loads of photos and playhouse ideas available on the internet, but absolutely nothing is as crucial as great, easy-to-follow plans. We had fun on our vacation that year, but I feel her own playhouse would have given my daughter a lot of great childhood memories that she’ll never have now.

So, when you are in search of playhouse ideas, be creative but stay practical. Get the kids involved or at least be aware of what they would like. More than anything, use excellent, step-by-step playhouse plans. Remember, you are not just making a playhouse, you are creating memories.

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