Building A Playhouse For Kids

One of the weekend’s activities easier and more rewarding, you can do to stimulate the imagination of a child to build the theater is open …

Not only stimulate the imagination, a friend and make some sense that they have changed, but also proud that you did something with both hands.

In addition, the theater building is just economic sense. You can make a small house in a hut on the part of the cost of buying pre-made. Most pre-built theater, and I still collect, but you have to pay a huge increase in prices of materials.

Unfortunately, because the house is not as easy as nailing together several wood and wire mesh. Should these materials, insulation, ventilation, lighting, location and security. I know because I lost valuable time and energy, as the stores do not.

When I first started the project in the theater 25 years ago, I thought I knew everything. Then I bought the wrong things, the action is wrong, and I bought a total of 6 months to finish the house first. I myself twice, shame and Vorna completed.

I spent the next five years, played a lot of books, woodworking, projects and programs Plaihouse. Most of them only left more questions than answers. Leave many important things, and the illustrations are often unclear or incorrect. There was nothing close to what I was looking for …

But clearly, these problems are really just a matter of luck. Like that, all he could do … I said, ‘Forget it, I have mine. ”

I’m so sure of their plans and instructions that I was ready to risk all for me. In fact, I decided to do something that maybe some of it is completely insane.

It’s very simple, because you want to get a piece of cake for you, and remove all the risk.

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